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About Terrasuya

Why we do what we do

We are passionate about creating quality accessories and quality experiences and making these accessible to everyone. Our passion is fuelled by the idea of breaking boundaries and stereotypes of what you can and cannot do. Born in the GCC, TERRASUYA, is committed to changing views and pre-existing ideas limiting your potential. From the words ‘Terra’ meaning ‘World’ and ‘Suya’ meaning ‘Her’… Her world.

Our manifestation to this is making fine accessories accessible to everyone, for any day and everyday – no occasion required.


Our beliefs are reflected in our day-to-day operations and we work hard to make sure that things are done in the ‘right way’, with long-term sustainability in mind for our partners, our customers and our employees. This idea permeates everything we do, from the careful selection of raw materials and suppliers, to our philosophy towards employees and our customers. We hope you feel that when you go to our website, when you hold one of our accessories, or when you talk to one of our team members..

We have a firm belief that this is the new way of working and we proudly commit to being a positive force driving towards this change.


We work hard to make fine accessories accessible to every woman. Our products are at the centre of what we do and a representation of what we believe in. To assure quality products at a fair price, we only work with 925 silver sterling with gold vermeil plating – not to be confused with regular gold plating. Gold vermeil is a thicker form of plating, usually up to 3-5 times thicker than the average plating used in the industry, to make sure that we provide the best quality at a fair price. This helps extending the lifetime of your favourite pieces, with longer lasting colour – so wear it with pride!

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